Risk Consulting

The professional claims consultants at Acclaim Adjustment will be relying on the quality of your insurance policy when adjusting your property loss. We view your policy as a tool that is essential in maximizing your recovery.

Risk Consulting
  • Acclaim Adjustment will offer a claims adjuster's perspective on risk management and insurance coverage, as they relate to your property, as well as other management agreements.
  • We will analyze the type of construction, the age of the structures and the square footage of the insured property to ascertain a general construction cost.
  • We will review the current insurance policies and all of its endorsements and exclusions.
  • We will report to you any potential "pitfalls" of your policy as it relates to a loss to your property. This includes, but is not limited to, replacement costs, depreciations, co-insurance, limits of liability, extra expenses and building code ordinances/upgrades.
  • We will meet with your risk manager or insurance broker/agent to review our findings and discuss solutions to any of the shortcomings of your policy.
  • * Our advice is based on our experience derived from the claims adjusting process, not as a result of being a certified risk manager or a licensed insurance agent.