Our Services

The following is a list of the services that the claims consultants at Acclaim Adjustment, Inc. will perform on your behalf:

  • Analyze all insurance policies and any other pertinent documentation. This could include lease agreements, homeowner association by-laws, bills of sale, warranties, etc..
  • Notify your insurance company of your loss in writing as required by your insurance policy.
  • Survey the structural damage and prepare a room-by-room damage estimate. This estimate will include the scope of repair and the cost for repair or replacement, with descriptions, diagrams and photos of the damage.
  • Compile a complete physical inventory of your contents, furniture, fixtures and equipment and establish agreements with the insurance carrier as to the degree of damage, and the method of repair or replacement.
  • Determine the replacement costs of the inventory and establish depreciation, when applicable, and the actual cash value of each item.
  • Formulate the loss of any time element claims such as additional living expense, loss of rents or loss of income.
  • Attend all meetings with the insurance company and their experts, including contractors, engineers, attorneys, accountants, agents, salvage experts, restoration companies, cause and origin specialists and appraisers. We will maintain a constant dialogue with the claim to ensure that you adhere to all policy requirements and conditions and, that the insurance company fulfills all of their obligations under the policy.
  • File all required forms and documents with your insurance carrier, including the Proof of Loss statement.
  • Meet with you, as often as necessary, to provide the status of loss and claim projections, as well as opinions and recommendations when appropriate.
  • Expedite the claims process and negotiate the maximum monetary settlement on your behalf.