On behalf of the Colonial Golf and Country Club, I would like to thank you for the expert advice you provided to me and my staff following our Hurricane Katrina loss. Your expertise and insight were invaluable to us throughout the claim negotiation.

George Custer, President
Colonial Golf and Country Club, Harahan, LA

We thought the damage done by the fire at our Travelodge would cripple our business. It destroyed our offices, laundry room, elevator and 20 % of our rooms. Your experience, your vision for our recovery and your quick response to our needs kept us up and running while your knowledge of the claims process enabled us to negotiate an equitable settlement with our carrier. Please feel free to use us a reference for your services anytime.

Hiten Patel
Travelodge, San Francisco, CA

I want to thank you for the impressive job you did on behalf of me and my management company at our shopping center. This was the second time I had to call on your expertise and again you came through for me. I would not hesitate to recommend you or your company to anyone who is filing a property damage insurance claim.

Dr. Charles Syers, President
Syers Properties, Hillsborough, CA

Your company's professionalism, knowledge and customer service made a difficult time much easier. My family is very grateful to you and your team.

Jamie VanWart
Benicia, CA

When we had the fire at our manufacturing facility we were inundated with calls numerous public adjusters, who all left the impression of "ambulance chasers". Needless to say I was skeptical when your company was referred to me. As impressed as I was by you and your company after our first meeting, I was even more impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of your staff as they worked tirelessly to detail our claim. Thank you for your hard work Mr. Nevins. I'm sure that we would never have received a fair settlement without you.

Leigh Belden, President and CEO
Verilink Corporation, Alviso, CA

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on both of my Hurricane Katrina claims. It was interesting to see the difference in the attitudes of both insurance companies after you took over the claims. If it wasn't for your company I know we wouldn't have been able to restore our homes back to their historic values.

Banks McClintock
New Orleans, LA

I would highly recommend you to anyone who has suffered an insurance loss.

Renice Palmer, President
Parc Royale Condominiums, New Orleans, LA

I had never heard of a public adjuster before our loss but after nearly tripling the insurance company's offer I am telling everyone about you and your company.

Bruce Taylor
Hollywood Hills, CA

Our condominium association can't thank you enough for all that you did for us after Hurricane Ivan destroyed our homes. With 95% of the units uninhabitable and both our wind and flood adjusters being uncooperative, I didn't think we would be able to rebuild our complex. It seemed to me that both adjusters were more concerned with telling us what wasn't covered and what they wouldn't pay for than they were with helping us to start rebuilding. Hiring you changed all that! You were able to get advances, previously denied, in order to start demolition, you changed both adjusters minds concerning their interpretation of our policy coverage and you negotiated a settlement far in excess of what we ever could have done for ourselves. Our loss was one of the largest on Orange Beach but with your help and guidance we were one of the first to be rebuilt. I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone who has suffered a loss.

Rick Wood, Vice President
Ole River Condominiums, Orange Beach, AL

We are so grateful for the job you did. Despite being a retired State Farm agent I knew we would be in over our head. Hiring you leveled the playing field and with all of your hard work we received a settlement for what we truly deserved. On behalf of St. Paul Lutheran Church I want to say "Thank You". We could never have restored this historic church to its old beauty without your company.

Mel Daigrepont, President
St. Paul Lutheran Church, New Orleans, LA

Owning and managing properties always comes with the risk of losses and claims. Having an experienced and professional company to rely on during these times of crisis allows us to take care of our tenants while you work to protect our interests and maximize our claim. Thank you for the expert representation that you have given our company.

Mark Scafine, President
SC Properties, San Mateo, CA

Hiring Acclaim Adjustment was the best decision we made. You eased our burden of dealing with the insurance company and their adjuster, and you collected much more than we thought possible.

Jennifer Coolidge
Los Angeles, CA

The damage done by Hurricane Katrina was devastating to my business. My five apartment complexes and ten rental houses were all damaged and deemed uninhabitable. I quickly learned how difficult dealing with the insurance companies can be. Their slow response to paying any of my loss of rents or advance money for the buildings so that we could perform some demolition work and keep the damage from spreading was making a bad situation even worse. After retaining your services, I was impressed by your company and the professional representation that you gave me. You not only forced these companies to respond and pay what was rightfully due to me but in every case you enhanced my settlement, in some cases doubling or tripling their initial offers. I would give you the highest recommendation to anyone considering your services. My only regret was that I should have hired you months earlier.

Lloyd Villavaso, President
Villcar Realty, New Orleans, LA

After coming to an impasse with the insurance company my contractor suggested that I hire your company. You impressed me with how you not only handled my claim but also my adjuster and his "experts". More importantly you amazed me with your results. I wish I had known of your services and your reputation at the time of my fire rather than having to bring you in 4 months later. Next time I will know better.

Linda Brown
Richmond, CA

Being in the real estate business for most of my life I understand the value of using a professional consultant. That goes double when it comes to using a professional public adjuster to protect your interests after an insured loss. You dealt with 5 different adjusters from my wind carrier and doubled the offer from my flood adjuster. I would never had had the time or the expertise to deal with the insurance companies on their level but I am grateful that you did. Your claims handling experience and knowledge afforded me the opportunity to work on maintaining my business and rebuilding my building. Thank you for a job well done.

Keith Donaldson, President
Donaldson Educational Services, Metairie, LA

When you told me that you were sure you could collect the policy limits of my insurance policies for both of my apartment complexes I thought you were crazy. Thanks for proving me wrong.

Danna Doucet, President
Doucet & Corpora, Jefferson Parish, LA